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Global Light Group (GLG) Melbourne Victoria

What is your One True Light that expresses your finger print?

If you are having trouble answering this question with honesty, please give a call or send us an email!

Global Light Group (GLG) offers you Mwangaza. Mwangaza is a process, a journey that helps you become aware where you are at, in a stream of your life. You come face to face with ‘Who You Really Are’ and understand how your life has been painted by your beliefs, your choices, your relationships, your struggles, and your happy moments. At Global Light Group (GLG) we assists you to uncover your Mwanga, your One ‘True Light’ and empower you to answer to your Highest Authentic Call (HAC) with passion and live happily and successfully in your natural orbit.

Through our Triple AAA Strategy (TAS).

We Awake you to your talents and other gifts of your soul;
We Activate your Passion and
We Actualise your Dream!

Our Mission

‘Assisting clients actualizing their Highest Authentic Call to live happily and successfully in their natural Orbit’.

Our Vision

‘Actualizing Ideas into Successful Projects, Businesses, Career or Education in congruence with Real Selves.’

The pressure of competing demands of our time in our modern society coupled with our struggle against market forces to sustain our livelihood could have put our One True Light out. Sometimes life trauma can be the catalyst that changes our track compelling us to deviate from our one True Light. When you look into the mirror, you can hardly recognise the image that is looking back at you and ask yourself. 'Who am I?' 'Who am I really? Am I really where I meant to be in the stream of my life? And how did I get here? Am I doing what I was born to do? The rubbles of life circumstances have covered up the 'Light' that is within you. The Compass of your life that meant to illuminate, guide, strenghthen you to bloom and live a blissful and successful life has been somehow lost. Fortunately, Global Light Group ensures you that it is never too late to find your 'Mwanga’ your ‘One True Light' With a little bit of help, we can uncover Whom you have always been to answer to your Highest Authentic Call.

‘Your One True Light...has always been yours’



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