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About Global Light Group (GLG)

At Global Light Group (GLG), we assist you to uncover your natural talents, skills, expertise and the power latent within you through a spiritual approach. We unlock potential by exploring your natural Talents and igniting your Passion for your most inner dreams, ideas that would have otherwise been lost forever.

We acknowledge that most people are likely to leave this planet with their dreams, ideas, visions untapped because they have never had a platform whereby they could be heard, express and actualise their ideas.

‘There are no impossible dreams, just our limited perception of what is possible’ (Conny, 2000).


  • Through the Seven Spiritual Steps of Mwangaza (SSSM) we assist clients removing bottlenecks from their aspired dream. We ignite their passion to answer their Highest Authentic Call (HAC) that fulfils their life dreams.
  • We assist individuals tapping into the big reservoir of their natural treasures by exploring hidden talents, latent power that lie beneath their heart, soul and mind. We help transforming these gifts into successful projects, business venture and or choosing the best educational or career path in congruence with their natural make up.
  • We provide training, coaching, mentoring and support in actualising ideas, dreams and visions into tangible successful businesses, projects, jobs, career, or a course choice in congruence with client’s natural make up.
  • Through the principles of ‘Ubuntu’, we build strong partnerships with employers to facilitate work placement for clients to gain valuable real work experience, build networks and other essential employability skills.
  • With our Projects and Business Ideas Bank (PBIB) platform, we link entrepreneurs to our special pool of investors to actualize viable business ideas.
  • Facilitate linkage between clients and specific companies for these Avant-garde ideas to be activated to increase/decrease their value proposition, reduce cost or innovate a new product line or service to increase competitive advantage market share.

Our Values

  • We believe ‘You because ‘You are’. We Hear You, Respect and Value You.
  • We believe that you are born with Special Unique Talents and Skills waiting to be uncovered, nurtured & developed to bear fruits.
  • We nurture and develop your organic hidden talents and other gifts of soul for the manifestation of your ideas into either a vibrant or successful business or project.
  • We assist you in making the best educational or career choice in congruence with your organic talents if that what you want.
  • We give You back Whom you have always been and more.
  • Your ‘Success’ is ‘our Mission’.
  • We believe that with faith & hope everything is possible and thus ‘Impossible is an Opinion’.