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Our Portfolio

GLG has four dynamic divisions that ceaselessly complement each other.

‘It is never too late to be who you might have been’, George Elliot


HAC is a stepping stone to the pathway of your successful career, business, project or your education in congruence with your Real Self.

  • Using our Seven Spiritual Steps of Mwangaza (SSSM), together with you, we excavate your ‘Real Self’ with verity. We identify moments that defined your life and stumble blocks to uncover your HAC.
  • We blot out the blocks that have been standing between this present moment and your future and tap into the stream of your organic Talents and Other gifts of your soul to open a door to your successful life.
  • We help transforming your idea into a successful project, business venture and/or assist you in making the best educational or career choice in congruence with your natural make up whichever is your choice.

GLG provides you with a higher degree of congruency and a greater magnitude of correlation between your natural, organic, and attributes of your soul with your Higher Authentic Call.

When you find your Mwanga, you are in timeless, ageless and painless moments at all time. Your life is Bliss. As you love every minute of your work, you achieve your goals effortlessly, as an older woman in a village complimented a great singer: ‘The music was coming out of her because her and the song become One, she is in the song', There is no ‘You’ and ‘the job’ of your HAC, there is only You. ‘You are in oneness with your authentic work’.


  • We re-engineer Business Model for your Start-up Business in congruence with your compelling Value Proposition.
  • As an entrepreneur we link you to our pool of investors to actualize and grow your business ideas.
  • We help positioning your start up business with a competitive advantage to gain market share, sustains growth and adapt effortlessly in a very volatile market environment.


Our Education Institute coaches, mentors and builds capacities to assist our clients achieve their own potential in congruence with their own selves. We deliver Programs Mix (PM) that combine excavation of Self, workshops, trainings challenging activities, games and fun mentorship coached by a qualified group of talented experts across a myriad of fields.

Specific training and Education for Women

  • We train and empower most disadvantaged and marginalised women to tap into their potential and hidden treasures to enhance their welfare. Our training focus on self-development and practical courses to empower women, build capacity and employable skills.
  • We also train and empower young women who are between two or three families which occur after a separation of their parents who either remarry or co-habit with another partner who also has other children as well.
  • Single mothers and women who have been subjected to family violence and women from war thorn zones are also are clients.
  • In other part of the World, we provide basic learning skills enabling women and girls to develop their capacities, to live and work, to make informed decisions about their lives and to live with dignity as valuable and full members of our society.

‘Vulnerability is not weakness’, unknown


  • A division of GLG, Global Women’s Achievement Awards (GWAA) inspires, empower, and encourages women around the World to do better for themselves, their families and communities around them.
  • We believe that there are still a lot of spaces, many fields and infinite possibilities, skills, and knowledge that women can harness, conquer, and build to make exceedingly successful unique contribution to their communities, however small that contribution might be.
  • We acknowledge the achievements of women around the World and how their own ‘One True Light’ positively assists and impacts other people around them.

‘A woman who walks with a purpose doesn’t have to chase people or opportunities, her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her’, unknown.


  • GLG devises, organises and coordinates conferences, forums, and workshops as a platform to discuss and share ideas on socio-economic, health, spiritual, science & technology and environmental subjects and their global impacts on the plight of women and children.
  • Possible solutions are then recommended to appropriate industries, governments, and international organisations to enhance the plight of women and children.