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Our Services

GLOBAL LIGHT GROUP (GLG) offers Mentorship, Training and Consulting programs designed to uncover hidden talents and business’s potential to build capacity and achieve full potential growth in congruence with your own Real Self. We help individuals and businesses to successfully actualize their Highest Authentic Call (HAC).


How can GLG help me actualise my Highest Authentic Call?

Through the Seven Spiritual Steps of Mwangaza (SSSM), GLG helps you:

  • Excavating and tapping into the big reservoir of your natural treasure to explore hidden organic talents, latent power and other attributes of your Real Self that lie beneath your Heart, Soul and Mind.
  • Removing the blocks to reach Ground Zero to unlock your Potential and ignite Passion for HAC or for your most inner dream.
  • Aligning and linking your organic talents with a potentially successful business venture, project or guiding you towards the best career choice or educational path in congruence with your HAC.
  • Inspired by the principle of ‘Ubuntu’, GLG facilitates your work placement in a specific company that will nurture your organic talents to gain valuable real work experience, build network and other indispensable employable skills, ‘if that what you want’.


How can GLG Help me reach the growth of my start-up business?

  • We re-engineer a Business Model for your Start-up business in congruence with your Value Proposition.
  • Through our Bank of Business Investors and Projects Ideas (BBIPI) platform, we link you as an entrepreneur to our pool of investors to actualize and grow your business ideas.
  • We help you positioning your business with a competitive advantage to gain market share, sustains growth and adapt effortlessly in a very volatile market environment.


What type of training does GLG's Education Institute(EI) offer?

  • Our Education Institute offers a Program Mixed that combines excavation of your organic treasures to activate your HAC through fun mentorship, workshops and games activities coached by a qualified group of talented experts across a myriad of fields.
  • We deliver a range of customized trainings and workshops to foster leadership capacity, build resilience for Excellency and Growth in all areas of business and personal development.
  • We mentor and deliver Special trainings and workshops to buildcapacity and empower women in the early stage of their business.


  • GLG pays tributes to Australian women and women around the World who have successfully achieved their HAC and are making an immeasurable contribution to society.
  • GLG offers a Global forums whereby a wide variety of health, socio-economic, political, and environmental topics affecting women are debated and possible solutions are developed to make viable recommendations to appropriate industries, governments and international organizations aiming to enhance the plight of women.
  • We offer Customized trainings and mentorship to women from dysfunctional families, refugees, migrants’ backgrounds, single mothers, and women with long-term unemployment history.